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The Calcumeter


The Calcumeter is a good example of a calculator being sold for use in accounting. Some of it's highlights included multiple models (with each one adding 1 dial, and and extra 5$ to the asking price), and ease of use.

The Calcumeter was a machine that used 5 wheels in it's construction, and was utilized with a stylus. It featured two different building materials: German silver for 1s and 10s, and brass for everything above that. The machine is incapable of subtracting, however.

The Calcumeter started selling to the public at around 1903. However, all versions of the Calcumeter stopped being made around 1920. The company selling the calculators was called Herbert North Morse Co.

Originally, the Calcumeter would have to be manually reset. In about 1908, a reset button was added in for ease of use. This was a welcome addition, as the adder was used in buisiness acounting, and therefore, changes and new calculations needed to be made without extra time being taken up from having to manually reset the calcumeter.

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