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Add-O-Matic Adding Machine

Add-O-Matic Adding Machine circa 1937
Made by Allied MFG. Co. Chicago
The Add-O-Matic Adding Machine is a large chain adder with an automatic tens carry and a unique setting entry mechanism. A slider is moved to the number desired, then the brass button is depressed -- which engages the chain running beneath -- and dragged downward to add the number to the result.
Here's a blurry video of the Add-O-Matic in action (note: audio lags video by several seconds)

(if video won't show, enable javascript and download the latest Macromedia Flash Player)
"It's So Big!" 
This piece is a bit rusty but fully functional. It has no brand or patents or dates or markings of any kind anywhere on its exterior. Fortunately it came to me with this wonderful box top, which shows a date of 1937 as well as the manufacturer, Allied MFG. Co. Chicago
Below is another machine I saw on ebay with the same Add-O-Matic name. Perhaps this was produced by the same manufacturer in later years? 
Add-O-Matic 1940s?