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Fridén C10 Electro-Mechanical Calculator 1935

(Click on the photos below for high resolution images)
 Fridén Model C10 ElectroMechanical Calculator 1935
This design has wonderful Art Deco elements on all sides
 The Fridén C10 had a 'split' key for automatic division.
Two adjacent division keys are pressed together to accomplish automatic divisiion.
This oddity was apparently incorporated to avoid a patent conflict with Marchant.
Fridén Model C10 ElectroMechanical Calculator 1935 rear view
 The Art Deco piping is most dramatic on the back cover
Friden Model C10 with covers off and carriage removed
Fridén Model C10 Calculator Internal mechanism
On the brass-colored gears in the middle, the top teeth add while the bottom subtract.
The large black gear at the top drives the carriage left and right.
The carriage shown from below and above
 Closeup of the carriage underside
Here we see Friden's approach to the Leibniz Stepped Drum.
The 2 gears (on the left) slide up/down as different keys (0-9) are pressed on the keyboard.
When the stepped drum (right) turns, one of these gears will advance by the number selected.
In this photo, the two gears are in the zero position and so will not turn with the drum.
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