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Times Table Calculators
Rero 1 x 1 Rechenrolle - made in Western Germany
Turn the red dial to select the multiplicand (1-20) and cross-reference the result.
The table extends up to 20x20
Times table calculators were typically an aide for school children to cross-reference a pair of numbers and obtain the product. The sheer number and variety of devices is astonishing, as you can see below.
 Mr. Smart The Educated Monkey Calculator
A tin replica of the Consul the Educated Monkey toy circa 1916
Set the feet to point at two numbers, fingers will find their multiple.
Move his left foot to the 'square' symbol to square a number (see closeup).
And try out this interactive Consul Simulator!
A very early example - 1846 - Diameter is 1.5" with 4.5" length. 
IMPROVED BY J.B. MORRILL (source ebay)
An interesting multiplier disk on a stick. The rotating cursor is broken.
Rechenscheibe Schnell & Sicher (Computing Disk Quick & Certain)
(source ebay) 
 Darnley's Patent Rotatable Lightning Calculators / Pencil Holders 1920
Also made in Germany with the Roka brand
(sources: various - Gilai and ebay)
 The Darnley calculator (above) extends to 20x20, and also serves as a pencil holder (see the Darnley Patent below).

 Darnley Patent

Darnley Patent GB167699 1920
Darnley Patent fountain pen (top) or pencil (bottom) calculator.
The table extends from 11 to 19. Measures 4.25" when closed (top photo).
The fountain pen nib reads 'Birmingham, Education, H.W. & Co. England'.
The calculator itself reads 'Made In Germany'. 
 (source ebay)
A.W. Faber early rotating multiplier drum and pencil holder c1900?
These older examples often bore bucolic scenes of beauty/learning.
(source ebay)
This photo of a German multiplier disk comes from calculators.szrek
Kreissparkasse Beuthen O. S.
MultiFix Wood Multiplier Drum Made in Germany c1910?
(source ebay)
Calculator and pencil holder circa 1910?
Elaborate floral artwork in addition to a classroom motif
(source ebay)
Bulgarian Tin 'Detsko Smetalo' (Children's Sweeper)
Sophia Commune (source ebay)
Children's Multiplier Drum - Germany
(source ebay)
Percentage Guide rotating drum of price+percentage tables 1927
For example, 10% on a price of 80¢ gives 88¢ as shown in the photo.
Dials go from 1¢ to $100 "The Day of Figuring Profits is Over"
Marked A. A. Kileen PO Box 277 San Jose CA  (source ebay)
Arithmetic Quiz from the Wolverine Toy Company
(source ebay)
Chambon's 'Multiplicateur Enfantin'
Table extends to 50 x 28. Invented by C L Chambon
(source sciencemuseum)
'Tachypoly Plasiasme' ready reckoner 1880
Table extends to 100 x 100
Invented by C L Chambon (source sciencemuseum)

TACHYLEMME Table of percentages Chambon & Baye (source Bell Artifacts)
TACHYLEMME Table of percentages Chambon & Baye circa 1880
Four printed cylinders show percentages for every half percent from one to six.
(source Bell Artifacts)


Kuli pen (top) and Math Wiz mechanical pencil (bottom)
Times Table Calculators (source ebay)

Smith Computing Table 1907
(source ebay Breker)
Le Professeur Magique - Pif Gadget No. 259
This rare toy is based on the Consul the Educated Monkey calculator,
extended to add, subtract, and divide via paper inserts.
Pif Gadget was a vintage French kid's comic with a toy in each issue.
(Courtesy Christian Potus - thank you!)
 ReVoZu Rotating Drum of Calculating Tables 44cm x 28cm (source ebay)

 Boy Scouts Multiplicator - 3 inch diameter - circa 1960?
Reverse shows 2-9 on cursor and multiplicand range 2-19 (source ebay)

Kenray Corp. Dial Interest Computer circa 1950?
Indicates interest paid on a principal from $1000 to $9000
for a selected rate and term.
Dial Computer Inc. Fairfax, Minnesota (Source ebay)

M&M's Candy Calculator and Hasbro '2 For the Money' Calculator
(source ebay)

Calculating Pencil Sharpener (source ebay)

Read about El Calculador at nzeldez,com.
The has more than a dozen terrific examples.
Some information (in German) on the Roka/Darnley calculator from