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RomanCulator App for iPhone and iPad


The RomanCulator Roman Numeral App for iPad and iPhone
A Fun and Useful Roman Numeral Utility and Calculator

RomanCulator - a new and unusual addition to, developed as a son & father project -- all proceeds will go to my son Arthur, thirteen years old, who wrote the Roman numeral calculating algorithm himself as his very first software project (nice work Arthur). Please support his future endeavors by purchasing this app for your iPhone or iPad (thank you!) and please offer a kindly review and or rating if you can possibly spare the time.


With RomanCulator you can:
 - Enter Roman numerals and see their value (e.g. XLIX=49)
 - Add Subtract Multiply and Divide Roman numerals
 - Receive the wrath or pleasure of Caesar as you type!



Caesar is unsparing when illegal numerals are entered

The emperor will guide you with encouragement when your numerals are legal, or with a pitiless thumbs down should you transgress.


Use the '<' button to backspace and/or clear the result.


RomanCulator demonstrates how delightfully awful the Roman system was for performing even trivial calculations. A simple calculation such as XIV + XCIX = CXIII is tricky in your head but easy and fun with RomanCulator.


We hope you enjoy this app - please contact us with your suggestions, or leave a note for us on our guestbook.
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